Bett Gallery, January 2019

"I see myself there where I am not". In Michael Foucault's Of Other Places he explores the notion that we can position ourselves in a place that both does and does not exist. Pendulous is a manifestation of thought into physical place and form. Inspired by Foucault, this body of work explores the idea of Heterotopia and the tension between existing and seeing. My introspective paperscapes are seemingly lost, disoriented, lonely or peaceful, places that we often inhabit in our minds. While they do not have a physical form, we can still visit them, making them both real and unreal. They are not landscapes as we know, but we can still argue that they exist as they are constructed in material form. I'm questioning the truth behind seeing, through the construction of romanticised landscapes that you do not merely see but you also feel. You can exist in these places in your mind, not your body.